I think it’s time to come on out and admit it.
I have a fidelity issue.
With my blog, that is.
I really do. And I don’t know why.
Everytime I go MIA blogging-wise, I come back and there’s this small little voice that tells me to start a new one. A clean slate. All over again.
And the small voice continues to reign over my every (okay, I exaggerate a little) waking moment.
For those who still bothered to follow, this is probably my fourth or fifth blog.
I really don’t have a commitment issue in real life.

Anyway, I’ll be here.
I’ll really try to stick around for the long haul this time.

I never thought I would but I did.

Beginning our descent

I paid for and sat in the Singapore Flyer.

I figured I should since they accompanied us for the Duck Tour, which was rather disappointing. Of course it helped that we had bought the Groupons for it because honestly, I don’t think I would have paid for both at the usual prices.


There isn’t much to say about the Flyer, isn’t it? Just that it brings you up, around and down. And of course the scenery.

Gardens by the Bay
Into the horizon

The boys enjoyed it though.

Enjoying the view

The friends asked me to fathom a guess.

“It had to be double-bagged!”

As I opened the present, I had to laugh. At 5kg, I understood why.

Humongous Nutella

I didn’t even know they sold this over here.

I’ve placed my 500ml bottle besides it for reference sake.

The friends said in jest that perhaps after this, I might swear off Nutella forever.

You know what. I just might.

The son came up to me, with a number punched into the calculator he was holding.

It read ‘1000’.

He asked me to read it.

I did.

Then he asked me to repeat it again.

I did.

Then he asked if he can have that. In REAL MONEY he added.

I think I choked on my drink.

At this point, he decides to offer me a drawing in exchange for real $1k.

I declined. And bargained it to $1.

And this was what I got.

He named it Family.


I’m glad I paid for it. And the husband is ecstatic that the son closed his first business deal.

The budding entrepreneur even threw in a free gift.

Free gift

An acquaintance told me about the story-telling happening in Sentosa and said it was enjoyable.

Story telling comes alive!

And since the son was being bored to tears (and I being driven up the wall), we decided to venture a visit there with friends.

Story telling @ Sentosa

If my memory serves me well, this is their third year doing this. This season, they are rotating three stories – Godilocks, Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio. They also have various crafts that the kids can make in-between the sessions. The son even did a baking session while waiting for the next story.

Making Christmas cookies

We’ll definitely be back again, with the husband in tow this time.

In the meantime, you can click here to see their schedule and other activities.

We were early for our dinner date at Victoria Hotel’s Steakhouse (formerly known as Republic of Steak) so we decided to take a self-guided tour of the hotel which lasted all of 30 seconds.

Just as we were preparing to make our exit, the husband spotted this.

Old school

It brought back so much memories. Of riding these lifts to my dad’s office and the smell of ink that accompanies it.

I never thought we’ll find one here ever.

Of course we had to take a ride in it.

Even if it’s only 5 stories up and down.

It was a trip up and down memory lane.

Just the other day, I was really overwhelmed.

It had been a difficult night and a lack of sleep plus a gazillion things on the mind makes me think strange thoughts.

The grandparents had taken the daughter for their mutual entertainment and I decided to plonk myself in front of the piano.


The son then came along and wanted to tinkle away too.

I told him to wait a while. He asked why. I hemmed and hewed before answering that I needed to play to destress.

I never thought THAT would ever come out from my mouth.

As with hoards of other people breathing on this planet, Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. Religious significance aside, it’s a time for relaxation and reflection.

Except when it comes to Christmas presents.

With only a month left, I’ve only just drawn up our Christmas gifts list and am beginning to think that shopping online on Black Friday will be a real bad idea since there’s a high possibility that it might make it here AFTER Christmas.

But every year, I’m hit with the same problem.

I get sent feeds after feeds of seemingly easy crafts for Christmas giving and I’m itching to do each and every one of them. On days when I’m rather sane, I realise it’s a ridiculous idea and yet, throughout the whole day, the subconscious mind is thinking if I should make a hobo or tote bag. Or an appliqué romper. Or backpacks for the kiddos. Or body scrubs. And the list goes on and on.

And I really do not know how people take to handmade gifts. Will they think that I’m trying to scrimp on their presents??

While I try and sort this out, I thought I’ll share what we did for the son’s teachers. I knew that I had to do this when I first saw the tutorial and if I have my way, all the teachers in his lifetime will get one of these bags.

Thank you bags for the son's teachers

Bags II

I’m biased but aren’t the pictures so cute?

Before the kids came along, Phuket was one of our favourite haunts. It was perfect for us since shopping was the last thing on our minds. Just spending time lazing around on the beach, jumping the sea, drinking copious amount of coconut juices and gorging ourselves with mangoes – that was the life.

So when we were offered an accommodation deal for Phuket, we took it up in a heartbeat. I only wished we could have extended our stay. Read the rest of this entry »

After waiting for 3 months, it was finally D-Day.

Dentist Day.

I wasn’t really sure how he would take to it but thankfully, he was a brave little man.

I chose to head to the School Dental Service instead a private pediatric dentist primarily because of cost but as we headed there, I seriously wondered if I had made a wrong choice. All the childhood memories of the dentist visits started resurfacing and when I stepped through the door, I thought he was going to be forever traumatised by this first visit. It was just like the old-school polyclinics all over again.

And when his number was called, we stepped through another door which contained many open-air cubicles, each helmed by a dentist. And all the different sounds. I think I would have been scared stiff and overwhelmed if I were him.

He probably was but gamely moved on to the designated cubicle.

The good news. The assigned dentist was great. She got him up the chair with no fuss and save for that one time where he winced because of the minature cotton rolls (what is the name for that?) that they stuffed into the mouth, everything went well.

The bad news. We found 5 cavities.

We managed to fill the biggest one which the dentist said was very good considering this was his first visit (secretly, I did wonder if it was because he was the last patient).

First dental visit

I probably should start making appointment for the subsequent visit soon before the cavities multiply.