After waiting for 3 months, it was finally D-Day.

Dentist Day.

I wasn’t really sure how he would take to it but thankfully, he was a brave little man.

I chose to head to the School Dental Service instead a private pediatric dentist primarily because of cost but as we headed there, I seriously wondered if I had made a wrong choice. All the childhood memories of the dentist visits started resurfacing and when I stepped through the door, I thought he was going to be forever traumatised by this first visit. It was just like the old-school polyclinics all over again.

And when his number was called, we stepped through another door which contained many open-air cubicles, each helmed by a dentist. And all the different sounds. I think I would have been scared stiff and overwhelmed if I were him.

He probably was but gamely moved on to the designated cubicle.

The good news. The assigned dentist was great. She got him up the chair with no fuss and save for that one time where he winced because of the minature cotton rolls (what is the name for that?) that they stuffed into the mouth, everything went well.

The bad news. We found 5 cavities.

We managed to fill the biggest one which the dentist said was very good considering this was his first visit (secretly, I did wonder if it was because he was the last patient).

First dental visit

I probably should start making appointment for the subsequent visit soon before the cavities multiply.