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I think it’s time to come on out and admit it.
I have a fidelity issue.
With my blog, that is.
I really do. And I don’t know why.
Everytime I go MIA blogging-wise, I come back and there’s this small little voice that tells me to start a new one. A clean slate. All over again.
And the small voice continues to reign over my every (okay, I exaggerate a little) waking moment.
For those who still bothered to follow, this is probably my fourth or fifth blog.
I really don’t have a commitment issue in real life.

Anyway, I’ll be here.
I’ll really try to stick around for the long haul this time.


An acquaintance told me about the story-telling happening in Sentosa and said it was enjoyable.

Story telling comes alive!

And since the son was being bored to tears (and I being driven up the wall), we decided to venture a visit there with friends.

Story telling @ Sentosa

If my memory serves me well, this is their third year doing this. This season, they are rotating three stories – Godilocks, Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio. They also have various crafts that the kids can make in-between the sessions. The son even did a baking session while waiting for the next story.

Making Christmas cookies

We’ll definitely be back again, with the husband in tow this time.

In the meantime, you can click here to see their schedule and other activities.

As with hoards of other people breathing on this planet, Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. Religious significance aside, it’s a time for relaxation and reflection.

Except when it comes to Christmas presents.

With only a month left, I’ve only just drawn up our Christmas gifts list and am beginning to think that shopping online on Black Friday will be a real bad idea since there’s a high possibility that it might make it here AFTER Christmas.

But every year, I’m hit with the same problem.

I get sent feeds after feeds of seemingly easy crafts for Christmas giving and I’m itching to do each and every one of them. On days when I’m rather sane, I realise it’s a ridiculous idea and yet, throughout the whole day, the subconscious mind is thinking if I should make a hobo or tote bag. Or an appliqué romper. Or backpacks for the kiddos. Or body scrubs. And the list goes on and on.

And I really do not know how people take to handmade gifts. Will they think that I’m trying to scrimp on their presents??

While I try and sort this out, I thought I’ll share what we did for the son’s teachers. I knew that I had to do this when I first saw the tutorial and if I have my way, all the teachers in his lifetime will get one of these bags.

Thank you bags for the son's teachers

Bags II

I’m biased but aren’t the pictures so cute?

I have a pet peeve.

I dislike pink on little girls.

I don’t hate pink per se but it irks me when I see girls who are dressed from top to bottom in pink (and purple). And are you that surprised when they tell you their favourite colour is pink since that’s about the only colour they’ve seen since birth.

And it irritates me when people naturally assume that girls MUST wear pink.

Hey, it’s my child and anyway, who was the one that made a decree that pink BELONGS to girls? I’ll dress her in pink if I want to but nothing’s gonna stop me from decking her out in black (I did, but actually had someone who commented that I shouldn’t do that).

I really dislike these gender stereotypes. Children do not understand these genderisation but it is the adults who pass along all these silly notions to them. It’s just like how girls SHOULD play with dolls and boys HAVE TO play with cars.

Silly. And this is how the children grow up with narrow-minded viewpoints about gender.

Just today, the son told the husband who was wearing a pink polo, that pink is for girls. This coming from a little boy whose favourite colour is actually pink. I told him that’s not true. You should have seen the son’s face lit up when the husband told him that pink does not belong to girls or boys, and pink happens to be one of his favourite colour.

Why should a boy made to feel wrong for liking pink? Does a girl get laughed at if she likes blue?

Every year, the school has a shopping day where K2 children get to be entrepreneurs and bring wares for sale to the younger kids in school. Last year, the son came home with some snacks and a ‘Hello Kitty’ purse that he proudly showed me.

Hello the Kitty

A few weeks back, he told me that some kids laughed at him. Can you guess the reason?

Because ‘Hello Kitty’ is for girls.

Major sigh.

Now comes the parenting dilemma.

I try not to expose my children to genderisation. But I cannot control other children who chose to tease him because of that, and yes the mummy guilt sometimes makes me think that it’s my fault. What if he keeps getting teased because of my own beliefs? But then, it feels extremely sucky to succumb otherwise. Am I simply making a mountain out of molehill? Perhaps I’m thinking too much and it’s not an issue at all?


On a side note since we’re on the subject of pet peeves, why are little girls decked out in bikinis? To me, that’s sexualisation of a child. I think I must be a prude because when I come across pictures like these, I just feel they look so strange.

Shouldn’t a child just look like a child, rather than a mini-adult?

And the notions of princesses (especially Disney princesses)? Gives me a splitting headache.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been back from our vacation (16 days to be exact) and it already seems so long ago. I’ve been wanting to blog about it but I’ve only JUST finished uploading the my photos. (Pss. If you know me, add me on flickr for the complete set of pictures).

Taken by the son

This was our 2nd trip to Perth and while most would write it off as boring, I actually think it suits us rather well since night entertainment does not feature high on our list at this very moment.

Anyway, this time round, we rented a serviced apartment which was very nice. Apartment number 3
Spacious enough for the five of us (excluding the 2 toddlers who were running themselves wild) except the beds were just that tad bit soft. I believe we were all sorely missing our beds after the first night.

Of course we had to visit Kings Park where the kids had a field day running. It’s kinda sad when I’m hard-pressed to think of a similar place back home, and to think about the different lifestyle that we lead back home. But then again, perhaps I just haven’t been looking hard enough.
Kings ParkLet Silent Contemplation Be Your OfferingCity view

And catch the night view of Perth. Walking along the path in the cold wintery night. Shiok!

One of the highlights was definitely visiting Caversham Wildlife Park, where we got to see the native animals up close and personal.
Kangaroos, here we come!Hold still, humanHere to go

And whale watching! This was also when I realised that I’m getting old. Each time I had to wait someone else to shout the sighting of the whale and then I had to squint to differentiate the whale against the sea. And no, there was no backflips and no pictures taken since I was trying to keep my balance. Before the trip, I was wrecking my brain trying to figure out a way to feed the daughter if she started crying on the trip, but surprisingly (ok, to me), she woke up and promptly went back to sleep, lulled by the rocking motions of the boat.
Our organiser

Man, looking at the pictures make me wish I was bound for another holiday soon!

As I was sitting there, cradling the son to sleep at around 4:30am last night, I looked over to the daughter and then I had to take a double-take.

I’m a mother?!

I know, it’s over 4 years but I honestly can’t get it wrapped around my head that I’m really someone’s mother. And I have to be responsible (or possibly worry) for these people for the rest of my life. What did I sign myself up for?! What was I thinking? Must be the lack of entertaining shows on TV.

Before our marriage, one thing I wouldn’t commit on was children. While the husband will gleefully hold up four fingers when you ask him about the number of children he would like, I’ll be the one hemming and hewing away. I wasn’t sure if I could be trusted with one and with no money-back guarantee, it’s a huge risk to take. And I’ll always pass the baton to God. If I’m blessed with children, then I guess He thinks I’m ready for them (let’s not get started on theology questions/lessons).

With every passing birthday, I don’t find myself maturing very much though. I’m afraid the kids might have to deal with a parent who is probably more immature than them in the future. I feel for them. Worse, they might have to deal with TWO! Heh.

Now, my life revolves around them. Not totally but enough to make me sometimes forget what was it pre-children. Honestly, when I’m in a crappy mood, I wish for those care-free days with fewer white hairs but on most days, I’m enjoying motherhood. Which makes me a little surprised. My heart burst at its seams with love for them and in the words of Elmyra Duff, I just want to “hug them and kiss them and love them forever (and never use them up)”.

Say Cheese

I was looking through my old pictures when something hit me.

I suddenly miss my old place so much.

I miss our bed, the kitchen, our living room. In fact, every nook and cranny of the house. Heck, even the lizards.

I really miss having a place to call our own. Along with the freedom, space and privacy that come along with it.

First it was the son who went down with fever in the middle of the week, and while we waited for it to cool itself down, I got hit. And now the husband is having the sniffles and cough.

Aside from the terrible ear-ache which suddenly decided to develop, my fever has subsided and am willing the flu to do the same.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the son who has since developed really hideous eye circles due to his lack of sleep. I’m hoping it will somewhat subside otherwise it’s off to the doctor for him.

So after much apprehension, we’re currently staying with my parents while we await the rental flat.

Despite most well-meaning friends telling us to continue staying with them to relieve the financial pressure of renting a place, I’m really still in two minds about it. I can definitely see things from their point of view but then again, I’m not entirely comfortable with it. In my words, 一山藏不了二虎 (I’m sure the idiom is wrong somehow but you get the gist).

My mum and I share a relationship which I’m sure is not uncommon to some. As I get older, I became more insistent about my views and less tolerant of old wives tales and the likes. However, my mum being the traditional Chinese woman, will insist on certain things being done simply because it has always been done like that. And don’t even bring up our viewpoints about child-bringing which I think stems from the different positions that we are in now. She, as a grandmother, has mellowed and basically acts like a grandmother (ie, indulgent to a certain degree and watches the precious grandchild like a hawk. Don’t get me started about my dad). I, as a mother, sees it my prerogative to set certain things in place and allow little room for negotiation for some matters. And unfortunately, I think we both have stubborn mindsets which can result in unpleasant confrontations.

That said, before we moved in, the husband related a conversation he had with my mum which made me a tad bit guilty for my behaviour so I’m now watching my actions and words (or sometimes lack of).

So it’s been a week and all seems well. The son has taken well (too well) and has declared his intention to stay here for good. Why shouldn’t he? In an instance, he has so many playmates and is quite the 少爷 here. The husband has stated that he’s proud of how my temper has been in check and is actually open to the idea of staying here for good. As for me? There’s just one fear that I have – that I’m becoming lazier by the minute in terms of taking care of the son. With so many hands that’s anxious to help and a want to avoid unnecessary conflicts, I’ve taken quite the backseat after I’ve moved here. And while all’s fine and dandy now, I’m kind of dreading the confinement period and after, where meaningless (to me) advice will come forth like arrows. I’m hoping I can still keep my cool then.

In the meantime, I’m glad to say we’re surviving doing quite well.

The next few months are going to be pretty hectic.

First off.


No, I’m not that fat (yet). And yes, we’re expecting another addition to the family.

Second, we sold our house.

So now we have to find a rental apartment, pack, move out, move in, unpack and deliver a newborn – all within the span of 3 months.

Wish us all the best.