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Didn’t even get a whiff of it.

So I came up with some crappy excuse and got the husband to drop me off at the office in the morning. Thankfully, there was a cab immediately behind him and in I went, ready to fight off any potential queue-jumpers.

Went to Wheelock Place and almost fainted at the sight of the queue, snacking outside and around the building. Even if I was not put off by that, there was basically no queue numbers left anyway. So after discussion with my strategist, I decided to head to Ion Orchard and was greeted by this.

Queuing for apples

I decided to grit my teeth, wait it out and hope for the best.

While waiting, I learnt that the gentleman 2 spots behind me is a Finn, was buying this for his 8 year old son, has a Singaporean wife, stays in Simei, works in the aviation industry and feels that Singapore is the best country to settle down in Asia. The family before me was Malaysians who had driven down the night before and was in the queue because they saw it on the papers this morning. The 2 children are going to an international school and the mother used to be a lawyer. The gentleman ahead of them is from Jakarta and does an import/export business. I also had my picture taken (because who in the right mind would haul a baby and queue for something so early in the morning?) which I’m hoping it wouldn’t make it to any publications of any form.

Then, I received the sacred number.

Not a lucky number afterall

I was told that we would definitely get a chance to buy the iPad though the model that we want might be out-of-stock.

And so we continued waiting. By the way, you should check out my calves from all the bouncing of the baby, trying to keep her from waking.

And waited.

And waited.

And then the staff came round to ascertain whether the model you wanted is in stock.

And then I heard the dreaded word – OUT-OF-STOCK.


I then decided to drown my sorrow in Starbuck’s whipped cream and updated my sad status on Facebook. When I was then duly informed that I could have bought it online.

It was at this point I felt like banging my head on the nearest wall.

So anyway, I’ve gone ahead and ordered the iPad for the husband online. And don’t be surprised if you see my silly face tomorrow on the papers or somewhere.


I wish I have more time to spring a proper surprise birthday party for the husband, like what I planned a few years ago. It was real fun then, keeping the secret and the look of surprise on his face when he saw all his friends waiting for him was absolutely priceless.

This year, I had initially wanted to plan a cowboy party, seeing the High Noon craze that a few friends and himself had. You know, cowboy attires and gun draw games. Unfortunately, the great big plan was shelved with the birth of #2. Besides, I wasn’t really confident that all the invitees would turn up in cowboy attire although it would be a sight watching us reproduce High Noon in person.

Since that didn’t materialise, I think someone in Apple must have heard my dire cries because they announced the sale of iPad 2. Just in time for me to grab that as a birthday present for him. Now I’m just bracing myself for the queue with a baby in tow.

Wish me luck.


We bought this in jest for the husband, especially since his recent run-ins with the guys in blue.