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I never thought I would but I did.

Beginning our descent

I paid for and sat in the Singapore Flyer.

I figured I should since they accompanied us for the Duck Tour, which was rather disappointing. Of course it helped that we had bought the Groupons for it because honestly, I don’t think I would have paid for both at the usual prices.


There isn’t much to say about the Flyer, isn’t it? Just that it brings you up, around and down. And of course the scenery.

Gardens by the Bay
Into the horizon

The boys enjoyed it though.

Enjoying the view


Before the kids came along, Phuket was one of our favourite haunts. It was perfect for us since shopping was the last thing on our minds. Just spending time lazing around on the beach, jumping the sea, drinking copious amount of coconut juices and gorging ourselves with mangoes – that was the life.

So when we were offered an accommodation deal for Phuket, we took it up in a heartbeat. I only wished we could have extended our stay. Read the rest of this entry »

Last year, the friends and us came together to celebrate the mid-autumn festival with a picnic, complete with mooncakes, piping hot Chinese tea and of course, lanterns.

This year, we decided to do the same, even though technically the celebration was over but I think none of us really cared. Our menu included roast beef sandwiches, pizzas, seafood balls and mooncakes.

Us having a picnic, and trying to imagine cool wind blowing at us

It would have been perfect if it was done in the cool winter of Perth, among the green green grass. As a friend put it, I think we’re suffering from post-Perth depression.

The invite said Balloons & Bubbles and it certainly lived up to it.

We had a fantastic time at the party and I’m truly amazed at how it went (in fact, I think we stayed a tad too long.)  I’ve never entertained the idea of having a party at home not simply because our place was small cosy, but also the energy and brain-cells to conceptualise and pull it off? Not easy.

The son had a blast painting with the balloons (in keeping with the theme). Balloon painting
Finger painting

Me think he could also be a little deprived since he painted almost everyday when we had our own place, as compared to now.

And I just have to add this photo because it’s adorable how she just stood there.
Happy 2 year old, Bubbles!

Blessed birthday Bubbles!

One fine afternoon, we decided to grab tea at Chin Mee Chin after reading all the glorious reviews on HungryGoWhere.

I’m not sure if it was because we popped by late but it certainly didn’t live up to all its hype.

The iced Milo was diluted. Or rather, I felt I was drinking iced water with a tinge of Milo. Granted, that’s not one of its famous items but how hard is it to make a decent cup?

Cupcake @ Chin Mee Chin

I wasn’t impressed with the teeny cupcake too. Yes, I the-not-a-food-connoisseur-and-everything-taste-ok-consumer actually feels it’s over-rated.

Kaya bread @ Chin Mee Chin

At least the kaya bread was decent. But I so miss the good old Hainanese kaya from Ipoh.

We didn’t get our hands on the famed cream horns or custard puffs but I really doubt we’ll be making a special trip for them.

I’ve never been a huge fan of grass jelly. To me, it had always been this rather chewy block of black agar-agar and something to mix with my soya bean drink.

Of course, this was until I met Ding Tea.

We were just walking around Far East Plaza (I know, we’re practically old fogies there) when we spotted it and decided to give it a go. I being the good wife, decided to order the grass jelly drink for the husband and man, my eyes lit up when I tried it. It’s soft and smooth, like beancurd! I then promptly traded my rather lackluster ice-cream milk tea for his. I have even contemplated asking them to just skip the milk tea and just give me the grass jelly.

And I’m starting to behave like a crazed deprived grass jelly addict. Whenever I spot a bubble tea shop, I need to grab one cup to suss out their quality. I’ve also informed the husband that I’ve made it my personal mission to find the best grass jelly in town. I think he’s not terribly impressed though because he asked if I could use the effort to do some research for the business.

So yes. I’m officially on a search for grass jelly (and steamed salted egg yolk buns!). Give me a shout if you know any.

I finally stepped into Marina Bay Sands, thanks to my sis-in-law who had booked a room to celebrate my brother’s birthday.

Blessed 38!

(See Corsage, you’re not the last one.)

I was greeted by this when I stepped into the lobby of the hotel.


I pretty sure it’s expensive or made by some famous or up-and-coming artist but all that were going through my head was “That’s a really HUGE hairball! Wait. There’s more than one. Hmm. Maybe it’s more like fa-cai.” Yup, I’m SO cultured.

I did manage to take some pictures of the skyline before the evening set.

Dusk II

We then went up to the Sands Sky Park. All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t actually have to fork out moolah to go up because if I did, I’ll be hitting myself blue black over it. The sheer amount of people is overwhelming! And that’s not just the people on the walkway. Even in the pool. Speaking of which, am I the only one to think the placement of the pool and jacuzzis are plain weird, especially the latter? How can anyone relax in the jacuzzi with swarms of people standing right behind you, chatting and taking pictures of the skyline?

And so I shall abruptly end this post with the pictures of the skyline, taken with my trusty iPhone.

Night skyline

Night panoramic

I finally got off my butt and brought the kids to the Children’s Season at the Singapore Art Museum after school. I didn’t want to miss it again, like what happened last year.

SAM at 8Q

We went to SAM at 8Q before realising that this year’s was at the main building.

Mummy dearest The room full of velcro clothes/faces for the children to stick onto various figurines.

Daddy & him He dressed his daddy and himself. By the way, Daddy is a superhero even though he seemed to be flashing bits of himself.

Stick on cake

It was rather enjoyable although I realised that squatting at the ‘Go’ installation was really not a good idea. I’ve been suffering from muscle and knee aches since.

Unfortunately but naturally, all the concepts and ideas behind all these installations were totally lost on the son. All he was interested in was the modular toy train track playroom.
Trains galore

And the other installations:
White elephant

Rocking flowers

Ice cream room

On a sidenote, I realised I really like the Circle Line. It’s always seems more tranquail than the other lines. 

Today was the final day of the Peranakan Museum’s Drop-in Wednesday  that was in conjunction with the Children’s Season and it had been on my calendar for the past few Wednesdays and I’m glad that I finally made it in time.

I can’t believe that I’ve never made time to visit it when I was working in the vicinity though.

So lovely

To sound really bimbotic, everything in there looks so pweety. Ok, except the altars and funeral sections. The voice recording of the wailing at the funeral section made the son very concerned. And I had to try to explain what is “die”.


I had actually brought the son there for the story-telling sessions but it was way too long and draggy for him although I do applaud them for taking the effort to try and engage the audience. He was more interested in running about than anything else and everytime he leaned dangerously close over the railings, I think I can feel the gaze of the security guard on me.

Pop-up card

At least he got to make a pop-up card as evidence that he was there.