I wish I have more time to spring a proper surprise birthday party for the husband, like what I planned a few years ago. It was real fun then, keeping the secret and the look of surprise on his face when he saw all his friends waiting for him was absolutely priceless.

This year, I had initially wanted to plan a cowboy party, seeing the High Noon craze that a few friends and himself had. You know, cowboy attires and gun draw games. Unfortunately, the great big plan was shelved with the birth of #2. Besides, I wasn’t really confident that all the invitees would turn up in cowboy attire although it would be a sight watching us reproduce High Noon in person.

Since that didn’t materialise, I think someone in Apple must have heard my dire cries because they announced the sale of iPad 2. Just in time for me to grab that as a birthday present for him. Now I’m just bracing myself for the queue with a baby in tow.

Wish me luck.