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One fine afternoon, we decided to grab tea at Chin Mee Chin after reading all the glorious reviews on HungryGoWhere.

I’m not sure if it was because we popped by late but it certainly didn’t live up to all its hype.

The iced Milo was diluted. Or rather, I felt I was drinking iced water with a tinge of Milo. Granted, that’s not one of its famous items but how hard is it to make a decent cup?

Cupcake @ Chin Mee Chin

I wasn’t impressed with the teeny cupcake too. Yes, I the-not-a-food-connoisseur-and-everything-taste-ok-consumer actually feels it’s over-rated.

Kaya bread @ Chin Mee Chin

At least the kaya bread was decent. But I so miss the good old Hainanese kaya from Ipoh.

We didn’t get our hands on the famed cream horns or custard puffs but I really doubt we’ll be making a special trip for them.


I’ve never been a huge fan of grass jelly. To me, it had always been this rather chewy block of black agar-agar and something to mix with my soya bean drink.

Of course, this was until I met Ding Tea.

We were just walking around Far East Plaza (I know, we’re practically old fogies there) when we spotted it and decided to give it a go. I being the good wife, decided to order the grass jelly drink for the husband and man, my eyes lit up when I tried it. It’s soft and smooth, like beancurd! I then promptly traded my rather lackluster ice-cream milk tea for his. I have even contemplated asking them to just skip the milk tea and just give me the grass jelly.

And I’m starting to behave like a crazed deprived grass jelly addict. Whenever I spot a bubble tea shop, I need to grab one cup to suss out their quality. I’ve also informed the husband that I’ve made it my personal mission to find the best grass jelly in town. I think he’s not terribly impressed though because he asked if I could use the effort to do some research for the business.

So yes. I’m officially on a search for grass jelly (and steamed salted egg yolk buns!). Give me a shout if you know any.

First and last time I'm attempting pineapple tarts

This was the first and probably the last time I’m going to attempt making pineapple tarts. They’re not particularly difficult to make but a tad time-consuming for me. And I will seriously lose money if I was to sell them. The recipe said it’ll make around 96 tarts but I ended up with these 2 bottles only (plus a few spare ones).

Iron chef at work

Someone had fun though while we were waiting for the tarts to be baked.

I’ve never liked this stall ever since an incident a few years ago. The arrogance of the owner and the employees were simply a put-off and besides, I’ve never really been impressed by their signature dish.

Recently, they have been removed somewhere else (I say removed because that was what was displayed on their banner). The husband’s cousin really like their food though and when we met up for dinner, he naturally suggested it. Since it didn’t seem appropriate for me to insist on an alternative dinner location, I simply went along and boycotted their food even though everyone else was having it. I politely refused the food that my mother-in-law was offering to me and offered the cryptic answer of “it’s a matter of principle” when they asked me why.

I must have really appeared like some oddball to them.

This was our Chinese New Year stash. (Was because it has diminished by now)

Our loot

The husband says he has never seen so much goodies on our table.

Can I just say how much I like My Wok Life?

I followed her recipe and out came this.

Durian cake

You know how Pizza Hut always come up every year with Chinese New Year pizzas? Basically they’re just pizzas topped with bah kwa.

I was heading for the supermarket when I came across the flyer from Pizza Hut, selling their latest Cherry Blossom pizza. I decided to make my own version of it.

Prosperity pizza

I followed this puff pastry pizza recipe from Beverly and topped it with everything that I want in my pizza.


Yummy, even if I say so myself.

10:365 :: 10th January 2010

Can I just say how much I love carrot cake. The fried version, that is. Especially the black ones. My mouth is watering even as I’m typing this.

So when I came across a recipe for carrot cake, I just had to try it out.

Conclusion? I think I was a tad bit generous with the preserved radish.

And why did mine turn out black when the recipe clearly was for the white version?

Let’s just say that I’m not very good with flipping. In the end, I figured I might as well just scramble everything and call in black carrot cake.