Before the kids came along, Phuket was one of our favourite haunts. It was perfect for us since shopping was the last thing on our minds. Just spending time lazing around on the beach, jumping the sea, drinking copious amount of coconut juices and gorging ourselves with mangoes – that was the life.

So when we were offered an accommodation deal for Phuket, we took it up in a heartbeat. I only wished we could have extended our stay.

Ready for takeoff

The son was understandably very excited. We were targeting to reach the airport before seven and he actually woke up before six. If only he shows the same enthusiasm for the days when he has to go school.

Our white elephantThe bathtub

A adorable and lovely centrepiece by the housekeepers. It’s a white elephant in all sense of the word though. We didn’t touch it throughout our entire stay and I’m inclined to think that other guests did the same too. It could have been there since 5 years back and no one would be the wiser.

The suaku me was awed by the size of the bathroom. Enough said.

Our room

Guess which floor is our room on? If you guessed fourth, you’re wrong. We were on the third. The husband remembers this after he went to the fourth floor and woke someone up after his morning workout. Thankfully, the gentleman was too groggy and sleepy to be properly pissed.

Turtle villageThe Coffee Club in Turtle Village

This is the ‘shopping village’ right next to our resort. The only place we visited frequently was The Coffee Club which served decent food at reasonable prices.

We had rented a car at the airport and decided to bring my parents, who came along, the other beaches and Phuket town. That’s the official reason. The other reason was that the husband missed the filet mignon at Rhem Thep Inn. We had chanced upon it on one of our previous visits but I think this time round, the memory of it tasted nicer than it actually was.

Filet mignon!Sand galoreThe son running along the beachThey have 2 chefs here too!

Setting up for Loy KrathongLoy Krathong

It was Loy Krathong on our last day but we were busy gobbling down food because we had a flight to catch.

Pool!Table soccer

One thing I liked about this trip was how everything was rather self-contained and it truly was family-friendly. We manged to sneak in a few games of pool (almost forgot how it feels like), while the son loved to drag his grandfather for a few games of table soccer before AND after dinner.

Fashionista, no?The rightful owner

Looking at their faces, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be back soon.

Another one