As with hoards of other people breathing on this planet, Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. Religious significance aside, it’s a time for relaxation and reflection.

Except when it comes to Christmas presents.

With only a month left, I’ve only just drawn up our Christmas gifts list and am beginning to think that shopping online on Black Friday will be a real bad idea since there’s a high possibility that it might make it here AFTER Christmas.

But every year, I’m hit with the same problem.

I get sent feeds after feeds of seemingly easy crafts for Christmas giving and I’m itching to do each and every one of them. On days when I’m rather sane, I realise it’s a ridiculous idea and yet, throughout the whole day, the subconscious mind is thinking if I should make a hobo or tote bag. Or an appliqué romper. Or backpacks for the kiddos. Or body scrubs. And the list goes on and on.

And I really do not know how people take to handmade gifts. Will they think that I’m trying to scrimp on their presents??

While I try and sort this out, I thought I’ll share what we did for the son’s teachers. I knew that I had to do this when I first saw the tutorial and if I have my way, all the teachers in his lifetime will get one of these bags.

Thank you bags for the son's teachers

Bags II

I’m biased but aren’t the pictures so cute?