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The husband and I were talking about names for the little one when the son turned to me and said, “Let’s call 妹妹 Giraffe.”

Well, at least that’s better than T-Rex that he subsequently suggested.


I was having breakfast with a friend when he mentioned that someone asked him recently if I was expecting.


Nah, I’m just mildly obese. That’s all.

But seriously, have you seen the size of the tummy? As he said, it’ll be a problem if I wasn’t pregnant.

Going onto 37 weeks

Just to be sure that everything’s ok with the baby, I got myself into the clinic where I got ushered into the labour ward to be put under observation.

In a very strange way, I honestly almost wished I was given bed rest. Just the thought of resting in bed and doing my stuff is enough to get my toes curling in excitement. Instead, I was told I could go home, given a shot since I was going to do some minor travelling and headed home to an exchange of emails and texts with my boss.

All's well

But I’m still glad that all’s well with the baby.

And they should consider doing something about the curtains. I almost feel like I’m in my parents’ era.

Son: Mummy, eat me.

Me: Why?

Son: If you eat me, then I’ll travel down to your tummy and see 妹妹.

I’m big as a house now.

While I’m thankful that I’m generally as mobile as I was in the previous pregnancy, I’m beginning to contemplate things like support girdle and support hosiery – stuff that never even crossed my mind before.

As the third trimester starts, I think I’m bigger than I ever was.

I dread to think how I’ll look like when the third one comes around.

Sometimes in the still of the night, when I’m up alone and accidentally steal a glance of my tummy in the mirror, I’m suddenly overcome with what I term as a mild panic attack.

It’s a little strange being swept by such varying degree of emotions.

A sense of awe that someone is really growing inside the tummy.

A little overwhelmed that this someone is actually going to come out one day and honestly, would I be ready? Someone with (perhaps) a totally different set of temperament and who will require a whole new set of parenting/problem-solving skills.

A bit panicky that this someone is going to be coming out in 2 months or so. And everything is all over the place. And thinking of coping along the other ad-hoc things that are expected of me, I have this urge to find a corner, curl up and sleep my life away.

But just as sudden as they descend, the thoughts are swept away and I have this (hopefully not misplaced) faith that everything would work out just fine.

In the first pregnancy, whenever someone asked me how far along I am, I can answer instantly in terms of weeks.

Now, when they ask me if I’m reaching my 3rd trimester, I need to first, ask them when does third trimester start and second, think real hard which week I am in now. Even now, I’m a little perplexed but I think I should be hitting my 7th month soon. Don’t ask me how many weeks though.

At this rate, when I have a third child, if I’m posed a similar question, all I can tell you is when I’m due.