We finally scheduled a meeting with the husband’s good doctor after we bumped into him at the supermarket.

And yes, we were faced with pretty poor readings from the blood tests and all. It’s definitely easier to run away from the reality of the issue but I’m so glad that we met him.

Thus, the husband decides to embark (or rather, re-embark) on his exercise regime and since one of his pet peeves was the closing hour of the gyms, he decided to head to Aibi to equip himself with some decent set of weights.

We almost left the place a few thousand dollars poorer.

It started with an innocent question about their Goldfish Shaker which led to a conversation about massage and vibration technology which in turn led to him introducing the ZenPro to us.

Then it was ALMOST the point of no-return. You know, the usual touting of its benefits. Weight-loss, blood circulation, exercising the core muscles etc.

Thankfully, our restrain held up. That and the image of my mum’s face when she sees this in the living room.