I have a pet peeve.

I dislike pink on little girls.

I don’t hate pink per se but it irks me when I see girls who are dressed from top to bottom in pink (and purple). And are you that surprised when they tell you their favourite colour is pink since that’s about the only colour they’ve seen since birth.

And it irritates me when people naturally assume that girls MUST wear pink.

Hey, it’s my child and anyway, who was the one that made a decree that pink BELONGS to girls? I’ll dress her in pink if I want to but nothing’s gonna stop me from decking her out in black (I did, but actually had someone who commented that I shouldn’t do that).

I really dislike these gender stereotypes. Children do not understand these genderisation but it is the adults who pass along all these silly notions to them. It’s just like how girls SHOULD play with dolls and boys HAVE TO play with cars.

Silly. And this is how the children grow up with narrow-minded viewpoints about gender.

Just today, the son told the husband who was wearing a pink polo, that pink is for girls. This coming from a little boy whose favourite colour is actually pink. I told him that’s not true. You should have seen the son’s face lit up when the husband told him that pink does not belong to girls or boys, and pink happens to be one of his favourite colour.

Why should a boy made to feel wrong for liking pink? Does a girl get laughed at if she likes blue?

Every year, the school has a shopping day where K2 children get to be entrepreneurs and bring wares for sale to the younger kids in school. Last year, the son came home with some snacks and a ‘Hello Kitty’ purse that he proudly showed me.

Hello the Kitty

A few weeks back, he told me that some kids laughed at him. Can you guess the reason?

Because ‘Hello Kitty’ is for girls.

Major sigh.

Now comes the parenting dilemma.

I try not to expose my children to genderisation. But I cannot control other children who chose to tease him because of that, and yes the mummy guilt sometimes makes me think that it’s my fault. What if he keeps getting teased because of my own beliefs? But then, it feels extremely sucky to succumb otherwise. Am I simply making a mountain out of molehill? Perhaps I’m thinking too much and it’s not an issue at all?


On a side note since we’re on the subject of pet peeves, why are little girls decked out in bikinis? To me, that’s sexualisation of a child. I think I must be a prude because when I come across pictures like these, I just feel they look so strange.

Shouldn’t a child just look like a child, rather than a mini-adult?

And the notions of princesses (especially Disney princesses)? Gives me a splitting headache.