The daughter’s latest habit is spitting saliva all over the place. Or rather, I meant playing with her saliva. I’m sure she think it’s fun because she looks you straight in the eye before doing it, and then flashing you a disarming smile after. Before doing it all over again.

The spitting part reminded me very much of Triple H.

If you’ve ever watched wrestling, you would have probably chanced upon him. I don’t know why and how he could ever think that walking into the arena with a water bottle (amidst all the angsty and angry music), drinking the water and then spitting it all above him could possibly be seen as intimidating.

For the benefit of the non-wrestling fans, here’s a preview. You can skip right to around 0:50 and get ready to be amused.

I mean, I imagine he would create more fear and trembling if he spit fire or something. But water?! Or it would be more awe-inspiring if he could spit it 5 feet high. Plus it lasts all of 1 second and probably end up on his face. Each time I witnessed that, I can only dissolve into laughter. And he has to carry his own bottle every time he does it.

Tsk. How unglam.

At least the daughter doesn’t have to cart around a water bottle to perform the feat.