I’ve never been a huge fan of grass jelly. To me, it had always been this rather chewy block of black agar-agar and something to mix with my soya bean drink.

Of course, this was until I met Ding Tea.

We were just walking around Far East Plaza (I know, we’re practically old fogies there) when we spotted it and decided to give it a go. I being the good wife, decided to order the grass jelly drink for the husband and man, my eyes lit up when I tried it. It’s soft and smooth, like beancurd! I then promptly traded my rather lackluster ice-cream milk tea for his. I have even contemplated asking them to just skip the milk tea and just give me the grass jelly.

And I’m starting to behave like a crazed deprived grass jelly addict. Whenever I spot a bubble tea shop, I need to grab one cup to suss out their quality. I’ve also informed the husband that I’ve made it my personal mission to find the best grass jelly in town. I think he’s not terribly impressed though because he asked if I could use the effort to do some research for the business.

So yes. I’m officially on a search for grass jelly (and steamed salted egg yolk buns!). Give me a shout if you know any.