It’s been quite a while since we’ve been back from our vacation (16 days to be exact) and it already seems so long ago. I’ve been wanting to blog about it but I’ve only JUST finished uploading the my photos. (Pss. If you know me, add me on flickr for the complete set of pictures).

Taken by the son

This was our 2nd trip to Perth and while most would write it off as boring, I actually think it suits us rather well since night entertainment does not feature high on our list at this very moment.

Anyway, this time round, we rented a serviced apartment which was very nice. Apartment number 3
Spacious enough for the five of us (excluding the 2 toddlers who were running themselves wild) except the beds were just that tad bit soft. I believe we were all sorely missing our beds after the first night.

Of course we had to visit Kings Park where the kids had a field day running. It’s kinda sad when I’m hard-pressed to think of a similar place back home, and to think about the different lifestyle that we lead back home. But then again, perhaps I just haven’t been looking hard enough.
Kings ParkLet Silent Contemplation Be Your OfferingCity view

And catch the night view of Perth. Walking along the path in the cold wintery night. Shiok!

One of the highlights was definitely visiting Caversham Wildlife Park, where we got to see the native animals up close and personal.
Kangaroos, here we come!Hold still, humanHere to go

And whale watching! This was also when I realised that I’m getting old. Each time I had to wait someone else to shout the sighting of the whale and then I had to squint to differentiate the whale against the sea. And no, there was no backflips and no pictures taken since I was trying to keep my balance. Before the trip, I was wrecking my brain trying to figure out a way to feed the daughter if she started crying on the trip, but surprisingly (ok, to me), she woke up and promptly went back to sleep, lulled by the rocking motions of the boat.
Our organiser

Man, looking at the pictures make me wish I was bound for another holiday soon!