It seems that when we take regular carriers, we often end up with journeying with the Singapore Girl. I knew there were some hoo-ha over the new website but I only realised why when I wanted to choose my seats online.

I couldn’t.

I tried my computer, iPhone. My friend tried on his. Nothing worked.

Frustrated, I decided to call their customer service.

This was the gist of the conversation that ensued after I explained to him my situation.

Customer service (CS): Mdm, you’ll have to choose your seats online.

Me: I know. I can’t get in.

CS: You’ll have to click on the “Mange booking” button.

Me: I know. I can’t get in.

CS: *puzzled* But I can get in on my side.

Me: I tried different devices but I just cannot get in!

CS: You’ll have to click the “Manage booking” button to choose seats.

Me: I KNOW! I’ve been there before but now I just cannot get in. I’ve been trying for days and my friend tried on his computer but we both can’t get in.

CS: But I can see it on my side.

Me: *Bangs head on the wall* Can you do anything on your side? Does this mean that on my returning flight, if I can’t check in online, I’ll need to go to the airport earlier?

CS: Yes. On my side, I’ll make a note to the seating department. 

Me: *Sigh* Is there nothing you can help me with? Perhaps some technical assistance or explanation? Or any alternative way that I can choose my seats?

CS: No. You’ll have to do it online.

Me: Ok. And if I can’t check in online for my returning flight, I’ll have to go to the airport earlier?

CS: Yes.

I gave up.

I decided to try my hand at checking in online today and guess what, I managed to get in! I happily ticked our names and when I click the “Check In” button, I got an error message.