I finally got off my butt and brought the kids to the Children’s Season at the Singapore Art Museum after school. I didn’t want to miss it again, like what happened last year.

SAM at 8Q

We went to SAM at 8Q before realising that this year’s was at the main building.

Mummy dearest The room full of velcro clothes/faces for the children to stick onto various figurines.

Daddy & him He dressed his daddy and himself. By the way, Daddy is a superhero even though he seemed to be flashing bits of himself.

Stick on cake

It was rather enjoyable although I realised that squatting at the ‘Go’ installation was really not a good idea. I’ve been suffering from muscle and knee aches since.

Unfortunately but naturally, all the concepts and ideas behind all these installations were totally lost on the son. All he was interested in was the modular toy train track playroom.
Trains galore

And the other installations:
White elephant

Rocking flowers

Ice cream room

On a sidenote, I realised I really like the Circle Line. It’s always seems more tranquail than the other lines.