Today was the final day of the Peranakan Museum’s Drop-in Wednesday  that was in conjunction with the Children’s Season and it had been on my calendar for the past few Wednesdays and I’m glad that I finally made it in time.

I can’t believe that I’ve never made time to visit it when I was working in the vicinity though.

So lovely

To sound really bimbotic, everything in there looks so pweety. Ok, except the altars and funeral sections. The voice recording of the wailing at the funeral section made the son very concerned. And I had to try to explain what is “die”.


I had actually brought the son there for the story-telling sessions but it was way too long and draggy for him although I do applaud them for taking the effort to try and engage the audience. He was more interested in running about than anything else and everytime he leaned dangerously close over the railings, I think I can feel the gaze of the security guard on me.

Pop-up card

At least he got to make a pop-up card as evidence that he was there.