Singtel seriously sucks.

First it was the over-charging.

And now, it’s just a series of cock-ups one after another. We have another line that was used by an employee but when he resigned, the bills pilled up and by the time we went to pay, the line was apparently under suspension. I was told to walk into any hello shop to reinstate the line which I did about 2 months back. Up till today, the line still cannot be used because no one bothered to mention that I had to inform the original telco whom I ported the number over from.

Adding to that, I am being sent someone else’s bills. It seems that in their system, I had also got a new line and handset on that same day I went to the hello shop.

Speaking of system, I don’t know why they don’t make full use of it because my blood pressure increases everytime I have to explain the whole thing to each customer service officer that I speak to. Is it too much work to make some notes?

And I haven’t even touched on my Singnet broadband. They had to send 3 technicians in less than 6 months and some Singtel technicians can certainly learn some basic manners.

Can you tell why Singtel/Singnet makes my blood pressure increase?