We’ve always heard about how the older child become jealous when the younger one arrives and even though we didn’t purposefully prepare him for her, other than telling him that he’s going to have a 妹妹 aka sister, he has really taken to her from the day one.

And I am so thankful for that.

Perhaps when she’s a little older and more vocal, things might get a little different around here but for now, I thank God that he adores her very much and is protective of her.

Like how he announced to everyone to stay clear of her face (because she had some bacteria growth then and doctor advised us to keep it as clean as possible).

Or he would run to her when she cries and pats her to sleep again. Once I caught him singing “Jesus loves me” to her and on some occasions, she actually falls back to sleep. In the first few days, he was so worried about her crying that he even offered his cars to her.

He’ll ask about her whereabouts when he doesn’t see her and acts the role of her protector. He’ll entertain her while she plays the part of an appreciative audience. And I like to think she recognises his adoration because she’ll flash a toothless smile when he talks to her (or rather scream into her face sometimes) and her eyes lit up in recognition.

And as I look at them, I pray that their love will grow from strength to strength and will protect each other from the storms of the world.

Him & Her