I’ve never been particularly political-conscious when I was younger.

Perhaps it’s due to the apathetic Singaporean in me. Or maybe because I was brought up to believe that the all-whites are the best and why would anyone change something that was working. Besides, there was the two opposition MPs and that should suffice, right?

However with age, the blinders have also been removed and it’s like seeing a whole new world. Not a very pretty sight though.

I don’t profess to be a political analyst (it’s funny how a friend said that everyone became a political analyst overnight with this General Election) but in my simplistic view, I want a more balanced check in the government. A more humane government. One that cares more about our lives rather than the economy all day long (economics happens to be my most dreaded subject). Policies that would be debated for real in parliament, rather than decided behind closed doors. MPs who would take a walk among us, rather than living in the ivory tower all year round, and speak for us. There are some MPs who are already doing that for which I’m thankful but unfortunately the voice is still not loud enough. Granted, we did not have the most brilliant opposition parties around but this year, some of them do impress. And while we are on this topic, let’s stop with the gerrymandering shall we?

We’ve always been afraid of freak election results but perhaps we should give the opposition a go this year. After all, if we’ve never gave them a chance, how are we going to judge their abilities.

All I want to say is don’t vote blindly. Don’t vote PAP simply because it’s the easiest and safest choice. Don’t vote the opposition simply because you want to. Listen to all that they have to say and judge the incumbent by the policies and results as well.

Then vote.

With your heart and mind united as one.

Hopefully this will bring a new and improved change for all of us.