It’s been almost 3 weeks since the little bundle’s arrival and I’m glad to say that I think we’re all managing pretty well.

I’ve been meaning to document the birth process but after procrastinating for 2 weeks, the brain has given in to post-natal amnesia so here’s the abridged version of it.

I discovered spotting on Saturday and decided to pop by the good o’ doc to see if today would be the day. No dilation and since I had the son with me, I decided to wait it out at home instead.

The contractions decided to come the next day at 5:30am but seeing how I had to wait it out in the hospital for the first pregnancy, I checked it (sounds like a hotel) only around 11am and was found to be 3cm dilated. Yippee.

On the drip

So the wait started.


More than half the time was sitting around in bed, twiddling the thumbs, fiddling with the phone and falling asleep out of sheer boredom. The contractions really started to kick in the afternoon. I really wanted to bear it out without the use of pain relief but when the contractions came in wave after wave, and when strange moans and groans started to subconsciously emerge from my mouth, I decided to embrace the wonders of modern medical technology – epidural. And none too soon because not too long after, I was found to be 9cm dilated. Less than half and hour later, with a push, she was out and all pain was forgotten.