So after much apprehension, we’re currently staying with my parents while we await the rental flat.

Despite most well-meaning friends telling us to continue staying with them to relieve the financial pressure of renting a place, I’m really still in two minds about it. I can definitely see things from their point of view but then again, I’m not entirely comfortable with it. In my words, 一山藏不了二虎 (I’m sure the idiom is wrong somehow but you get the gist).

My mum and I share a relationship which I’m sure is not uncommon to some. As I get older, I became more insistent about my views and less tolerant of old wives tales and the likes. However, my mum being the traditional Chinese woman, will insist on certain things being done simply because it has always been done like that. And don’t even bring up our viewpoints about child-bringing which I think stems from the different positions that we are in now. She, as a grandmother, has mellowed and basically acts like a grandmother (ie, indulgent to a certain degree and watches the precious grandchild like a hawk. Don’t get me started about my dad). I, as a mother, sees it my prerogative to set certain things in place and allow little room for negotiation for some matters. And unfortunately, I think we both have stubborn mindsets which can result in unpleasant confrontations.

That said, before we moved in, the husband related a conversation he had with my mum which made me a tad bit guilty for my behaviour so I’m now watching my actions and words (or sometimes lack of).

So it’s been a week and all seems well. The son has taken well (too well) and has declared his intention to stay here for good. Why shouldn’t he? In an instance, he has so many playmates and is quite the 少爷 here. The husband has stated that he’s proud of how my temper has been in check and is actually open to the idea of staying here for good. As for me? There’s just one fear that I have – that I’m becoming lazier by the minute in terms of taking care of the son. With so many hands that’s anxious to help and a want to avoid unnecessary conflicts, I’ve taken quite the backseat after I’ve moved here. And while all’s fine and dandy now, I’m kind of dreading the confinement period and after, where meaningless (to me) advice will come forth like arrows. I’m hoping I can still keep my cool then.

In the meantime, I’m glad to say we’re surviving doing quite well.