I’ve finally changed my antique phone that had been held together with scotchtape (cute ones, I might add, courtesy of my boss) and jumped on the iPhone bandwagon.

Saying goodbye can be easy

The Chickadee was definitely happy. Who wouldn’t be when there are now 2 iPhones to choose from? But what I didn’t count on was the sneakiness of in-app purchases. Imagine my surprise when I received a USD5.97 bill, thanks to the free-touching fingers of the son. And here I was thinking that all I needed to do was to restrict him from the App Store.


The son was definitely surprised when he couldn’t find the App Store icon the next day. He turned to me quizzically. I could only bite my tongue, shrugged my shoulders and told him in my most surprised voice – “I don’t know.”

I think I should be safe for now.