So it has finally been confirmed.

I’ll be officially ending my no-pay leave and heading back to work on 22nd February. On a sidenote, it looks quite nice numerically – 22022010 and no, I didn’t intentionally choose this date.

The first reaction when people learn about my no-pay leave is lots of woos and aahhs. Followed by how lucky I am.

And yes, I’ve been incredibly blessed.

To be able to spend every waking moment with the son.
To be free from the working stress (note the total lack of complaining-about-work posts).
To have a husband who has been completely supportive and taking on the financial stress of bringing home the bacon, bread, butter and everything else that we might need.

And even in this decision to return to work, I’m reminded once again of God’s hand in our lives, and how His plans and timings are always good.

I know that my colleagues are itching for me to get back, as seen in this text I received a few days ago.

Instilling fear

I’m sure they can’t wait.