I’ve never been one to draw up new year resolutions but last year, I decided that I needed to structure my life just that tad bit more. So as the new year slowly draws near, I took the opportunity to revisit my 2009 resolutions and realised that I did not fulfill a single one of them. The closest success was the 366-1 project but even then, I had uploaded less than 200 pictures for the entire year.

How’s that for motivation for the new year?!

But being an eternal optimist (for the most part), I am arming myself with a new set of resolutions again but this year, I’m going to take baby steps (inspiration from Linda Sellers). Afterall, it’s better to look back at the small steps that have been accomplished rather than empty grand plans. I’m hoping that the baby steps would come through otherwise next year, I’ll probably have to take foetus steps.